Online Renewal Instructions

If you are renewing on an active basis, please start your renewal by submitting your continuing education hours through the CE INPUT PORTAL.* Return to this page once that has been completed to finish the renewal process below. Continuing education hours are not required for inactive renewals or for those who graduated from school during the current renewal period.

Renew online by following an easy, four-step process that will (1) ask you to look up your license (2) ask you to verify your contact information (3) require you to complete a renewal attestation and (4) allow you to pay for your renewal with a credit card. Click the button below to renew online.

Renewal Requirements and Fees

Renewal Requirements

Active Renewal Twenty (20) CE hours
Inactive Renewal No CE hours

Veterinary Technicians/Technologists:

Active Renewal Twelve (12) CE hours and a supervising veterinarian
Inactive Renewal No CE hours and no supervising veterinarian


Renewal Fees

Active Renewal $100.00
Inactive Renewal $25.00
Delinquent Fee $100.00 (applied after March 31st)

Veterinary Technicians/Technologists:

Active or Inactive Renewal $25.00
Delinquent Fee $50.00 (applied after March 31st)

Corporate Practices:

Renewal Fee $10.00
Delinquent Fee $100.00 (applied after March 31st)


*Please be advised that at the Board’s discretion, it may request an audit of the hours submitted; therefore, it is your responsibility to keep a record (proof of attendance) of your continuing education for three (3) years.

If you are unable to renew online, paper forms can be downloaded below and mailed in with a check.

Paper renewal forms: