The Arkansas State Veterinary Examining Board was created under Act 88 of 1915. The Legislature enacted a law to make it unlawful for any person in the State of Arkansas to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery or dentistry, or prescribe treatment for or perform any surgical operation on any domestic animal unless such person was a registered veterinarian. The Board was made up of three members, two of whom were appointed by the Governor, and the third was the State Veterinarian.

Act 171 of 1963 created the Arkansas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, which replaced the Arkansas State Veterinary Examining Board. This Board was made up of five members; three of which were to be members in good standing with the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association and graduates of a veterinary medical college, one to be a licensed non-graduate veterinarian, and one to be a livestock producer. All five members were appointed by the Governor.

Act 650 of 1975 created the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board, which replaced the Arkansas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and is the governing power of the Board today. It is known as the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Practice Act. Today’s Board consists of five members appointed by the Governor to serve terms of five years each. There are no term limits. Four members are licensed veterinarians and one is a member of the public.

Board Members
Paul Turchi, DVM (2014-2024)
Shawna Barber, Public Member (2022-2027)
Conley F. Byrd, Jr., DVM (2022-2027)
Norette L. Underwood, DVM (2018-2023)
Robert Bonner, DVM (2020-2025)

Board Staff
Cara E. Tharp, Director